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It's not the 16 years of being behind the decks, but his actual love of music that defines him.  Born in Puerto Rico and Growing up in Miami, Eddy Gonzalez (Eddy Essence) has been surrounded by a vastly diverse music education, all of which he uses in his sets. It was in 1998 when he decided to engage in the art of mixing, spending countless hours, nights, and days working on his turntables locked away in his bedroom till he mastered it to perfection.  Never discriminating any genre of music, Eddy collected any and all records and implementing them in his sets.  Ranging from Hip Hop and Old School, to New Wave and Freestyle, Eddy made it a point to work across all genres and make his mixes impeccable.  It was in 1999 that Eddy met Miami's 18+ hip hop sensation, Dj Silver, and began focusing more on the hip hop scene in Miami.  For next 2 years, Silver and Eddy collaborated in numerous events in Miami's 18+ club scene across South Beach and Coconut Grove.  In 2002, Eddy met world-renowned Dj Irie, and began working alongside Irie as his opening dj.  It was during this time that he began perfecting his hip hop skills, and attained residencies at infamous nightclubs such as Opium Garden, Level, and Steam on South Beach, and the now defunct Living Room in Downtown Miami. Taking his talent abroad, Eddy joined Irie on a one week session in Germany playing at up-scale nightclubs in Herford (Go-Parc), Frankfurt (Natrix), and Schweinfurt (Megadrone).  Although his love for hip hop allowed Eddy to showcase his talent, his passion for other genres were still at the core of his heart.  In 2003, Eddy ventured into the world of electronic music, enforcing his focus on progressive house.  For the next few years, Eddy showcased his seamless mixing talents in local venues such as The District and Kill Your Idol, and has taken his talent across the Caribbean to Puerto Rico and headlined in numerous venues such as Suace, Jaras Cafe, Brava, Sambuka, and Soho Lounge. 


Today, after nearly 2 decades, Eddy has returned to his roots, focusing on combining his multi-genre talents into an impeccable open format set which has been acknowledged by many of his clients.  The primary focus (and Eddy's favorite): 80's , New Wave, Hip-Hop, and Dance.  It's these sets that have defined the artist and talent that is Eddy Gonzalez. 

"...He far exceeded our high expectations although he came very highly recommended.  To put it bluntly, he rocked the house down! Can't say enough about Eddy's serious skills.

- Alex Boorman, Los Angeles, CA

"...Eddy has been my go-to and ONLY DJ for all of my clients.

- Alexandra Pender, Miami, FL.


"...he truly created the soundtrack to one of the best days of my life and for that I cannot thank him enough."

- Jackie Donate, Miami, FL.